Part Time & Minimum Wage?

   Is it worth my time to take a part time job at the minimum wage?  Or is there something else I can do whether more of my time but more money or less of my time but possibly d22926f8e9213c6bf985c59dd1c0391cmore money?  Depends on the situation, but yes, I would take that part time job right now. Continue reading “Part Time & Minimum Wage?”


To Do & Not to Do According to Bradford

download (2).jpg   William Bradford, Senior was the author of Of Plymouth Plantation.  His story is an apologetic and somewhat a diary/journal of sorts, etc. of the defense of the Catholic faith of the Separatists also known as the Pilgrims (and somewhat the Puritans) and the journey of the said Pilgrims from England to Plymouth in North America.  However, should his book be considered a morality tale?  I say yes.  He may not specifically point out all the different good and bad things that we should do and not do, but I think we can take it and learn from the Pilgrims’ mistakes. Continue reading “To Do & Not to Do According to Bradford”

Garage Sale + State = Poor Person No More?

     No, just no.  If you are poor and you want to throw a garage sale, do not go to the state to ask for their help.  Just do not.  You are way better off just organizing your own garage sale on your own.  Do not get the state involved.  If you do, you will most likely find yourself putting tax on your stickers along with the price you want your goods to be sold at.  You would even be lucky to put your own prices on it!  In other words, the state will not help poor people become more rich by controlling their garage sales. Continue reading “Garage Sale + State = Poor Person No More?”

A Plane Seat, Please

My favorite plane ever…

   Let us say that I am going on a flight from Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida to Disneyland, in Anaheim, California for the weekend with some friends.  However, I have to go to Los Angeles, California, because no flights are directly from Orlando to Anaheim.  Also, I have the choice to take a first class seat or economy class and my parents give me the difference between first and economy/coach class if I choose coach/economy class.  Well let us take a look and see what the different would be first and if it would be worth it to take the economy class seat. Continue reading “A Plane Seat, Please”

De Vaca or Las Casas?


Even though I mentioned my most memorable moment of Cabeza de Vaca’s book, Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America, and even enjoyed reading it, I would have to say the following: Bartolome’ de las Casas’ A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies, was more memorable and seemed to etch itself into my memory bank, almost against my will, it seems. It’s not one of my favorite books, as the author exaggerated more than once, and what the book was used for later among other things. I would, however, rather reread Vaca’s than Las Casas’, but it seems I will remember Brief Account more. Continue reading “De Vaca or Las Casas?”

Most Memorable Moment Mentioned by Cabeza de Vaca

p   Cabeza de Vaca was one of the hundreds of Spanish men who traveled to North America in the sixteenth century.  He is the author of his journey from Spain to Florida, Texas, Mexico, and the journey back.  His work is called, Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America which was published to the public in 1542.  The 600 men, including Vaca and the Governor Pamfilo de Narvaez, left the port of Sanlucar de Barrameda in Spain on June 17th in 1527.  However, only 400 men with 4 ships carried them to the land of Florida.  Where their journey continued but escalated the more they stayed on land. Continue reading “Most Memorable Moment Mentioned by Cabeza de Vaca”

Welcome! Hello World, Followers, and Fellow Students! <3

Welcome to my last and final blog for the Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC). (At least that’s the plan anyway).  Thanks to all who followed me from the beginning when I started blogging my essays in 2013 and to all who joined in the school adventure in the years since.  Hopefully, you’ll stick with me.  Anyways, welcome to my 12th Grade blog.  I’m pretty sure you guys will find a lot of interesting stuff in my essays.  🙂


I will usually be posting essays on either Thursdays or Fridays this year.  Most of them will be on Friday.  I’m taking American History, English 4: American Literature, Economics, Physics, AP Computer Science, and Math 11. (Math 12 is not out yet, but it’s still College Level Math).  The first three will have essay assignments which you will find here on this blog.  Hope you enjoy them! And please comment! Thank you bunches. 😀 ❤