A Plane Seat, Please

My favorite plane ever…

   Let us say that I am going on a flight from Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida to Disneyland, in Anaheim, California for the weekend with some friends.  However, I have to go to Los Angeles, California, because no flights are directly from Orlando to Anaheim.  Also, I have the choice to take a first class seat or economy class and my parents give me the difference between first and economy/coach class if I choose coach/economy class.  Well let us take a look and see what the different would be first and if it would be worth it to take the economy class seat.

   According to Google flights today (Sept. 16, 2016), an economy class flight from Orlando to Los Angeles for the weekend of September 29th through October 2nd is $137 for the round trip (from Orlando to Los Angeles back to Orlando).  First class for the same thing (the whole trip there and back) is $858.  So first class or economy class AND $721?  Hard choice, right? Nope.

 I would choose economy class.  Sure, it is about a 5 hour and half flight and I might be uncomfortable for most of it, but, hey, I have $721 to spend at Disneyland, now.  I’ll buy my friends and myself some Disney merchandise, pay for the taxi ride on the way to the hotel, pay for the hotel room, and/or buy some toys and give it to my brothers when I get back home.  Definitely worth it, I think.  Therefore, I will take the plane seat, thanks.  (Get it? xP)


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