Garage Sale + State = Poor Person No More?

     No, just no.  If you are poor and you want to throw a garage sale, do not go to the state to ask for their help.  Just do not.  You are way better off just organizing your own garage sale on your own.  Do not get the state involved.  If you do, you will most likely find yourself putting tax on your stickers along with the price you want your goods to be sold at.  You would even be lucky to put your own prices on it!  In other words, the state will not help poor people become more rich by controlling their garage sales.


     Like the free market, garage sales are very interesting when an owner of object goods decides to sell his or her goods on their own property.  People drive up and look around at all the possible clutter or useless and unused stuff and will probably buy it off the owner.  The owner wants the money; the buyer wants the object(s).  Then they negotiate.  If the buyer thinks the placed price is too high or low, he will try and lower or rise it or simply say what he thinks how much it should be worth.  It’s way better than getting the state getting involved.  If you do (good luck if you do [at least on a weekend day]) everything that I mentioned up there changes.  It’ll no longer be a model of a free market, but a model of the state once again having control over what you should be able to do.  As if setting taxes, trying to control your life, etc., was not enough, right?



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