Part Time & Minimum Wage?

   Is it worth my time to take a part time job at the minimum wage?  Or is there something else I can do whether more of my time but more money or less of my time but possibly d22926f8e9213c6bf985c59dd1c0391cmore money?  Depends on the situation, but yes, I would take that part time job right now.

 Why?  Several reasons: I’m usually home most of the time.  And during most of that time, I find myself on my computer playing video games, talking with friends, reading, or just browsing around on Amazon looking at stuff I cannot buy.  However, I have the money, but I’m saving for a car and insurance.  The wanting of a car also pushes me to want a job, whether a part time job, full time, or some other money-earning job.  I have the time.  I want the money.  Therefore yes, I will take it.
   However, would it be better to work as a babysitter or a lawn-mower/”gardener” (ex. pull weeds, water flowers, etc.)?  In some cases maybe.  For example, I used to take care of my friends’ cats whenever they went on vacation.  This required getting their mail, getting the cats’ food and water refilled, watering the plants outside, and scrubbing their new pool’s walls down.  I earned about $60.  I did it for 2 weeks, spending about 20-30 minutes a day/every other day.  If I worked for 3 or 4 hours a day at a minimum wage ($8.05) everyday, I would earn $24.15 or $32.20 a day.  Cat sit or part time job?  Part time.  But maybe it would be best to do both, right?



2 thoughts on “Part Time & Minimum Wage?

  1. Agreed. And I would say both. 😉 So, I’m 14 almost 15, not exactly working age, HOWEVER! I can work part time at Braum’s and start raking in cold hard cash. 😀

    Jk, I’m starting a dog walking/pet sitting business this October lol.

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