A Letter to Taco Bell


   The following letter is to be sent to a local business near me.  I have been searching for a job lately.  Every time I picture me doing a job, I picture myself working at a nearby Taco Bell, as a cashier or a drive thru worker.  I don’t know.  Just seems like it would be a cool first part time job.  Here is the letter/email: Continue reading “A Letter to Taco Bell”


Theopolis Americana

   Theopolis Americana: An Essay on the Golden Street of the Holy City was written by Cotton Mather.  It was published in 1710.  Theopolis Americana had to do with America, the Bible,

Cotton Mather

and the General Court.  It is a sermon, written to try and persuade the General Court attendees to change their thoughts.  In particular, their political thoughts.  We cannot ask them if they were persuaded, however, today.  Therefore, my English teacher asked me. Continue reading “Theopolis Americana”

Penn and the Middle Class

   William Penn: a Quaker, the founder of the city of Philadelphia, and the colony and what would later be the state of Pennsylvania.  He also, famously, came to a peaceful agreement with the Indians of the Lenape which later backfired on the Natives.  However, when we think of Penn, we usually do not think of his work: Fruits of Solitude.  In this book, Penn discussed about several topics with sometimes the use of aphorisms.  Some of his aphorisms were amazingly well written, others not so well.  However, throughout the work, Penn seemed to be directly talking to the middle class.  Also known as the class not wealthy, but doing well finance-wise. Continue reading “Penn and the Middle Class”

Why I Believe You Should Hire Me

   Looking for a worker?  I just may be that worker you have been looking for.  I am the worker you are looking for…possibly.  You are probably asking, “Okay, but why would I want you when someone else may be more up or qualified for the job?”  Please listen to what I have to say, and hopefully I can convince you to at least think about it. Continue reading “Why I Believe You Should Hire Me”

Winthrop, Cotton, & Rowlandson in Massachusetts

Winthrop, Cotton, & Rowlandson in Massachusetts

John Cotton, John Winthrop, and Mary Rowlandson all dealt with the wilderness (Native Americans) of the North American continent while in Massachusetts Bay Colony. However, Mrs. Rowlandson may have experienced it a bit differently than Mr. Cotton and Mr. Winthrop, who were a minister (Cotton) and a lawyer and governor (Winthrop). Rowlandson was captured by Native Americans, Winthrop wanted to share the Word of God, and Cotton wished to be in a place of safety and a place at where he could form his own church. These three were all Puritans, seeking a new land and the freedom to worship God the way they wished and believed. Continue reading “Winthrop, Cotton, & Rowlandson in Massachusetts”

Can We All Be Entrepreneurs?

   Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and do you?  Honestly, I believe so, but I do img_4138not know until I begin, right?  But to begin that journey I have to think like an entrepreneur.  I do in some cases by forming out plans like selling handmade spray-painted/glittered pinecones that can be used for decorations but I never really follow along with my plans.


   To be an entrepreneur, you have to understand that you are trading time for money, that you need to be bold and different, that you still need to learn, but to not focus all of that learning on trying to get that job.  That job could becoming a doctor or any of those other big jobs that schools, government, friends, and parents are saying that you should pursue.  However, why not be different?  Why not take your talents into account while you’re doing school and apply everything you know or dream into your life right now? Continue reading “Can We All Be Entrepreneurs?”