Let’s Go Shopping…on a Budget

   Okay, stick with me.  I know, it probably does not sound fun to go shopping on a budget,
but let us try it, please?  It can be fun, trust me.  Fun for different reasons and you will see how and why.

   First, let’s talk about your money.  

You probably get an allowance, a paycheck every two weeks, and/or from some other source (ex. Babysitting, petsitting/walking, lawn mowing, etc.).  For me, I get an allowance of 5 dollars a week.  No more, no less (unless I get in trouble).  However, it may not seem much, and, yes, at times it does not to me, but I am learning, being responsible, and disciplining myself by saving that 5 dollars week for almost a year now.
download (1).jpg

  I have bought a few things here and there, but I have quite a bit of money I think.  I am saving for a car.  I hope to have a used Jeep Wrangler among my family’s many cars during seventeenth year of life.  And the only way I am going to do that is by saving and finding a job.  Therefore, I cannot really go shopping, but possibly you can.  But first, let’s sit and think about your future.


  Make a budget.  This is important.  Decide on what you are going to buy and what you think you will want in your future.  Maybe it is a car, like me.  Maybe a pet.  Maybe a new swimming pool for the kids.  Maybe it is a chance to actually get a home and move out of that apartment?  Or maybe you just want that newest fifty dollar PS4 (aka PS$) game or the actual PS4.  Whatever it is, save for it.  Stop shopping and save.


   Now you may be thinking: “What? Stop shopping?”.  I know, some of you girls just gasped and you guys just shrugged.  But think about it.  The less you shop on the non-necessities the more money goes to the expensive thing; then once you buy that expensive thing, the less you have to worry about it.  Then, you can have spending money!  Yay!


  However if you cannot stop shopping, this is were the budget part comes in.  Write it all out.  Let’s say you are 16, wanting a car, and you have a job.  Therefore, you start saving, but you put 50% of your income towards that car.  You work eight hours a day, five days a week, and make eight dollars an hour.  Every day you make $64.  Every week you make $320. (This does not include taxes, sorry, but let’s say taxes did not exist. Yay, right?)  Therefore, $160 goes towards your car, and the rest ($160) goes towards spending money.  That is a lot, to me anyway.


   It will take a while to save up for your car.  Longer than if you just put all your money towards the car.  However, while shopping, you may find it more fun.  You may not be able to buy that $325 skateboard, but you can still buy cute clothes.


  In final, if you save and shop on a budget, or just save while in your youth, you are being a smart responsible teen with discipline.  It is shaping you and preparing you for the world.  If you do this, good for you.  Now, I need to go find that job.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Shopping…on a Budget

  1. Good job. Rn I don’t have a steady source of income. I make money online, but I’ve only made 42 bucks in the past 3 months soooo…. xD Yeah I have to open a bank account for that. Anyway, I’m saving for a car too. My sister got lucky and only payed $3,000 for a used Honda Civic! But someone she knew hooked her up….. I’m thinking I might be able to get a good car for like.. I don’t know $10,000. And I have a year and a quarter till I’m 16 and I can get a car.

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