Can We All Be Entrepreneurs?

   Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and do you?  Honestly, I believe so, but I do img_4138not know until I begin, right?  But to begin that journey I have to think like an entrepreneur.  I do in some cases by forming out plans like selling handmade spray-painted/glittered pinecones that can be used for decorations but I never really follow along with my plans.


   To be an entrepreneur, you have to understand that you are trading time for money, that you need to be bold and different, that you still need to learn, but to not focus all of that learning on trying to get that job.  That job could becoming a doctor or any of those other big jobs that schools, government, friends, and parents are saying that you should pursue.  However, why not be different?  Why not take your talents into account while you’re doing school and apply everything you know or dream into your life right now?


    Now for some, this may not be possible.  But for me, I want to be an actress, a singer, an editor, and a dancer.  I make crafts, thread bracelets, Rainbow Loom creations.  I have time.  And most of the time I wish I could be using that time on making a little more doe.  I know how an auction and trading works.  But you may be asking what can I use from my list of talents for trading?

   I could offer to edit anyone’s writings.  I could write short stories, edit them, and sell them to people.  I could sing Christmas hymns during December to my neighbors.  I could make rainbow loom/thread bracelets and other creations, and sell those to people for a low price.  Just think about what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, and how you can spread that enjoyment to other people’s houses.


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