Why I Believe You Should Hire Me

   Looking for a worker?  I just may be that worker you have been looking for.  I am the worker you are looking for…possibly.  You are probably asking, “Okay, but why would I want you when someone else may be more up or qualified for the job?”  Please listen to what I have to say, and hopefully I can convince you to at least think about it.

   My name is Perrissa.  I am sixteen years old and in my senior year of high school.  I live in Florida.  I am a fast learner, positive person, and willing to work.  I am homeschooled, therefore, it should be easy for you to add me into any shift at any time of any kind.

   I learn quickly.  I understands the basics (and possibly a little more) of economics and businesses.  I am willing to learn quickly, fast, understand why I do this, etc.  I will fifteen minutes before my shift.  I will start on time and do things on time.  I am punctual.  My whole life has had to do with time.  

   I find it somewhat easy to be with others.  I hardly ever argue with my friends.  I appreciate their views and enjoy their company.  I will treat others the way I would like to be treated: kindness, compassion, care, etc.

  Most of the time I am a very positive and friendly person.  I am, however, somewhat shy.  But I would like to overcome my shyness.  This is why I would prefer to work with customers in some way.  

   I am also strong.  I can lift heavy objects.  Typically you do not find this in a girl, I think.

   I also want experience in working whether in local businesses or the “normal” job sites.  I will take anything as of now.  I would like some money, but mostly I want to get out there and experience working.  I will take the minimum wage.  

   I will also stay at any job site for six months or more unless something happens that makes me change my mind.

   Finally, I am honest.  I have had trouble with not lying in the past, but I am definitely more of an honest person now.  I am mature for my age.  I can connect with adults.  I am loyal, kind, caring, etc.

   Thank you for taking your time to read this.  I hope to hear from you soon and hope I have shown why I think you may consider hiring me for the job.



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