A Letter to Taco Bell


   The following letter is to be sent to a local business near me.  I have been searching for a job lately.  Every time I picture me doing a job, I picture myself working at a nearby Taco Bell, as a cashier or a drive thru worker.  I don’t know.  Just seems like it would be a cool first part time job.  Here is the letter/email:

   Dear Ma’am or Sir of the Hiring Department,

   I am writing to express my interest, willingness, and excitement in possibly becoming a part of the Taco Bell team.

   I enjoy your food and friendly atmosphere and wish to help spread such enjoyment to your customers.  I have not had a job, but am asking for your patience in helping me understand how you run your business.  I am sixteen years of age, a high school senior student, and willing to learn.  You can learn more about me here.

   Thank you for taking your time to read this.  I hope to speak with you about this possible employment opportunity.



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