Not so Common Sensical

   Use your common sense!  We all have probably heard this said to someone, to us, or at some other point and situation in our lives.  It means to use our brains.  It is like that of having good sense.  Good sense means we do something by using our brains and possibly our past experiences to do something different that just makes sense!  You may go to work after a rainstorm.  It would be common sense to watch out for puddles and avoid slippery places.  Typically you would not watch out for puddles on a sunny dry day.  It is just common sense to not want to reach work wet and muddy. Continue reading “Not so Common Sensical”


20% More?

   Let’s say that I have the choice to pay 20% more at an all-American made store or to just choose where I wish to go and to buy any nation made object.  The first question that comes to mind is:  “Which would be cheaper?”  Another question is: “Is the choice I choose reasonable?”  Let’s dive in and see which choice would be cheapest and worth it. Continue reading “20% More?”

The Rebel’s Song

In need of a better name, true, but this is what I have so far.  This is an assignment for English 4 in the RPC.  A song for either the Rebels of the Revolutionary War or the Loyalists.  I chose the Rebels.


Slaves!  Our rights revoked!

Chained!  Wrapped around us – choked!

We fight for our lives

In hope, America survives

   Courage!  Facing our enemy’s fortress

Defiance!  No longer in distress!

We fight for the freedom

Of which are withheld by the kingdom

Liberty!  Give me such or that of death!

Freedom!  Chains broken; breath!

Independence!  Of which we long for!

Of which we fight for!


First Come, Not Always Served First

   First come, first served.  This does not apply to everything.  Typically, when you stand in line you start out as the first, somewhere in the middle, or at the end.  Do you not?  Wherever you go, you eventually reach the front of the line when in one.  Unless you leave the line.  We learn this from a young age.  Even as a homeschooler, I did.  My mother whenchildren_standing_in_line.jpg after we finished breakfast would sometimes pretend she was a bus.  We kids would get in a line and grab onto each other’s shoulders.  However, she would be in the back.  And she dropped us off when we reached our rooms.  Therefore it did not matter who was holding her shoulders.  A person in the middle could get off first. Continue reading “First Come, Not Always Served First”

Anyone More American than Ben Franklin?

   Inventor, scientist, printer, politician, author, writer, diplomat, human, American, peacemaker, Founding Father, founder, and much more.  He invented the Franklin stove and the lightning rod among others.  He helped write and signed the American Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  He convinced the French to help America in the 909facd3ffc3ba6542ba4c49480fbe81.jpgRevolutionary War.  He helped bring about the end of the war.  He found a college in Philadelphia.  He helped get the idea of a fire department out there.  While Charleston, New York, Boston endured many fires, Philadelphia stayed fire free for the most part.  He wrote his own autobiography, many aphorisms, etc.  Benjamin Franklin did all of this.

   However, he is considered one of the most amazing Founding Fathers of America.  To all, if not most, he seems like the most patriotic man in America.  But do I think so? Continue reading “Anyone More American than Ben Franklin?”

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God & Like That of a Child vs. Me

   To support the First Great Awakening but from a Calvinist view, Jonathan Edwards gave a speech titled Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.  The speech’s whole point was to try and persuade people to believe in God.  He went about this the wrong way.  


download (5).jpg
George Whitefield

  On the other hand, George Whitefield spoke, from a Catholic view in his work, Marks of a True Conversion.  As you read this, ask yourself the following my teacher asked me, “If you
had heard these sermons would you believe to be the target?”  Since I have read them and then went over them again with Mr. Gary North, I believe I can answer the following:  yes and no.  Also I can answer the why or why not.  In this case I will have to answer both.
Continue reading “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God & Like That of a Child vs. Me”