Anyone More American than Ben Franklin?

   Inventor, scientist, printer, politician, author, writer, diplomat, human, American, peacemaker, Founding Father, founder, and much more.  He invented the Franklin stove and the lightning rod among others.  He helped write and signed the American Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  He convinced the French to help America in the 909facd3ffc3ba6542ba4c49480fbe81.jpgRevolutionary War.  He helped bring about the end of the war.  He found a college in Philadelphia.  He helped get the idea of a fire department out there.  While Charleston, New York, Boston endured many fires, Philadelphia stayed fire free for the most part.  He wrote his own autobiography, many aphorisms, etc.  Benjamin Franklin did all of this.

   However, he is considered one of the most amazing Founding Fathers of America.  To all, if not most, he seems like the most patriotic man in America.  But do I think so?

   Is Ben Franklin the mascot of America?  I think so, but I do not think he should just be considered the most amazing American.  Yes, he helped America a lot.  He played (a) very significant part(s) in American during its peaceful times, hard times, war times, etc.  But he should not be the only one.

   I think Americans everywhere in every time are the Americans.  We do not have just one American that represents us all.  Every human being in America shapes this country.  Everyone plays a role.  All of us make America just that!  America!  Mostly however are those who fought to  defend America or think they are depending on the war and what they are told.

   Every single person who fought for America, worked for America, did something in America is worthy of the title American.  Their actions affected other Americans.

   Some Americans are workers, others are Presidents, Congress, the Senate, House of Representatives, kids, parents, friends, family, etc.  Some go to war.  Some work to keep other Americans healthy and alive.  Everyone plays an important part in America.  It’s what shapes and defines this country.  It has been since before the first landing in America (yes, Native Americans definetly shaped this country as well) to today and on.



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