First Come, Not Always Served First

   First come, first served.  This does not apply to everything.  Typically, when you stand in line you start out as the first, somewhere in the middle, or at the end.  Do you not?  Wherever you go, you eventually reach the front of the line when in one.  Unless you leave the line.  We learn this from a young age.  Even as a homeschooler, I did.  My mother whenchildren_standing_in_line.jpg after we finished breakfast would sometimes pretend she was a bus.  We kids would get in a line and grab onto each other’s shoulders.  However, she would be in the back.  And she dropped us off when we reached our rooms.  Therefore it did not matter who was holding her shoulders.  A person in the middle could get off first.

   School buses, Disney buses, all the buses in the world, work like this.  They do not ask the first person that comes (usually) where they want to be dropped off.  The bus usually stops at the closest spots first.  Therefore the guy/gal that may have arrived in the bus last may get off first.  In this case, the person who last came was served first.  This can happen with buying online as well.

   When buying, say like on Amazon, you have the option to buy a product, AND you can pay extra to get it sooner.  Now, some people may have already bought it and are still waiting for it, even though they ordered like a week before you.  But if you pay more (High bid wins? Ever heard of that?) you could get that product in a day.  In other words, high bid wins sometimes overcomes first come, first served.

    Is there anything I wish did not apply the high bid wins over first come first served?  I may be jealous or irritated if I work at a job for a few years, be the only lowest-paid worker, and see they hire a new person but he/she may be immediately hired to a different and higher position than me.  I may be irritated if I see a group walk into the same restaurant as me and be immediately seated while I have to wait an hour more.  Maybe they reserved, called ahead.  Maybe the recently hired worker had a previous job, unlike me, and he was recommended.  Yes, it will still irritate me.  But eventually I can do that, call ahead, or be recommended because I will then have experience.


   In the end, it is up to the person and how much he is willing to learn, pay, tell, share, etc. in order to get in the front of the line.  Disney and Universal do this.  Fast passes make you wait later into the day; express passes, however, let you immediately skip the long regular line in which ever ride you want.  But to do this, the people who do not want to wait in the long lines, pay more money, and give up their time.



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