20% More?

   Let’s say that I have the choice to pay 20% more at an all-American made store or to just choose where I wish to go and to buy any nation made object.  The first question that comes to mind is:  “Which would be cheaper?”  Another question is: “Is the choice I choose reasonable?”  Let’s dive in and see which choice would be cheapest and worth it.

American Companies (*Facepalm* C’mon Florida. :/)

   Now many factors can play into this.  The length of the drive, the cost of the gas money, and my time even before we reach any of the stores.  In hopes of putting all of that aside, let’s say I have the whole day to shop.  I will bike the whole time.  To either the American store, or the all different nation made store.

Free Food Dominates College


   Assuming that it means I pay 20% more after I have paid for all my goods in the store, I will then look around first for all the things I have the money for: bread, peanut butter, jelly ($3.00), cheese (mexican blend oh yeah) ($5.00), baloney ($4.00), cereal ($5.00), and mac and cheese ($15.00 because it’s a big pack).  (In other words, food that college attendees eat right?)  Let’s pretend it is $3.00 for the bread, $4.00 for peanut butter, etc. etc.  By the time I have all the items, the cost with them just alone is $39.00.  That is without tax and the 20%.  Let’s say the tax is 6%.  We can find the “extra” money by finding 26% of the whole price.  This comes out as $49.14.  This works unless you have to pay the tax first and then the 20% and visa versa.

   If I went to Walmart all the items would be slightly cheaper.  The tax would be the same but I would not have to pay 20% more.  Now maybe American-made products would cost less, but I don’t know about that for sure.  We are taxed and our money is stolen.  Why would our country stop there?

   Therefore, that said, I would choose Walmart.  And yes, it does seem reasonable.  I can still support American farmers, etc. by buying American made goods at Walmart, I just may not get the best quality, but it will be cheaper.



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