Self-Help Book by Yours Truly

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   I am still wondering why you would want to read a book by a sixteen year old, advising you to change some aspects of your life.  In my short lifetime of experience, I do not think it is time for me to start writing such a book.  However, I can probably surprise you and myself if I did sit down and start writing a self-help book on one topic.  Easy…maybe.  Might be a very short book.  Maybe it can be a pocket book.  Take it with you wherever!

51aago1w-sl-_ac_ul320_sr196320_   I hope it is obvious I am no Dale Carnegie or Samuel Smiles, but if I was to write a self-help/self improvement book, my topic would probably be about those people who are your 51stublb0rl-_sx302_bo1204203200_friends, family, etc.  The book all about siblings, parents, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, etc.  All according to a sixteen year old.  That part is important.  This book will be for ages six to middle teens.  Possibly late teens.  Maybe parents could learn from it too.  Depends on what I put in there.  

   What would I put in there, you ask?  What do I know?  I am mature for my age, or so I am told.  Apparently, I am smart, being sixteen and in my senior year of high school.  However, I think that you do not need to be smart, or mature for your age to write about your relationships and what you wish you had done better, or just plain done.

   For example, I had a best friend.  At the time, I was in a relationship with her brother.  I could tell her everything and she could too.  And one day, at youth, she told me she was thinking about running away.  That hit me like a brick.  I knew her parents were not 17c178c005f09618e05b1c7a8d27218aexactly treating her the way she and her brother had hoped for.  At first I was stunned; I did not know what to do – except I nodded.  I basically told her to run.  To this day, I regret that.  She did run.  The police found her.  I was so scared when my parents, youth pastor, and friends told me she had done it.  I prayed so hard.  But I still wish I had not nodded.  I wish I had told her stay, talk with her parents.  I feel like I let her down.  And so I have been distancing myself from people for a while now.  And I am just starting to come out of my shell again.

   I could talk about this for hours.  I have learned so much and wish I could have learned it differently and less painfully.  I feel like I let people down and I really dislike that.  I do not want people to go through that.  So I would write that self-help book.  I think I will.  One d2226ee829201166bb529dc7b8283734.jpgday.  2017 here I come.  I think you can expect it in 2017.  We will see.  How many of you would read it?

   Now that I think about it, maybe I will just stick with writing my autobiography (Also, a self help book in 2017!!! XD).  I hope to point out my mistakes and hopefully my readers will learn from that.  Hopefully, they will adjust their lives and not go through what I have.  Young readers, obviously, so far.  But who knows, maybe some parental adults could learn from my life.  You never know.


Please let me know if you’d read my book on relationships.  And being homeschooled and have those weird, crazy relationships.  Lol.  Thanks! 😀


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