Tariffs – Another Way of Taxing

  images.jpg Tariffs are just another way of taxing the American people.  It is used to place a tax on good imported from another country.  But here, in the good ol’ United States, county to county there is a tariff.  Shipping, sales tax, etc. are all tariffs.  However, how do tariffs,
other than stealing our money, affect different areas in the market?  Specifically, what effect does it have on imports and exports?  Is it for the better or worse?  What do we do?

   Therefore, do tariffs on imports, reduce exports?  Imports are good being shipped from one country to another.  Exports are the look from the country who is sending the goods.  For example, say China is sending some goods to America.  China is exporting those goods to America.  America is the importer.  China gave, America received.  However, keep in mind, when trading, keep it simple with two people.  Nations do not really trade with other nations, because all the people of that nation have no clue about the trade.  Usually it is just two people.  But not a full nation.


   Here in America, we seem to be the importers more than anything.  (Maybe that’s because I live in America and I only see what is imported and not exported?)  And these imports can be expensive.  On Amazon, if you are will to buy a stuffed animal Pikachu from China, you will pay the shipping, sales tax, then the actual price just for the product.  Again shipping and sales tax are tariffs.

   Now you may think that the shipping cost and sales tax should go to the exporter.  The sales tax definitely does not.  That goes to the government.  Hopefully the shipping money goes to the country that exported it.  But I have a feeling the government takes that too.  This reduces exports.  It seems we are more of a take and not give kind of country.  Does this sort of explain why we are in so much debt?  Did our shipping money not reach the countries?  I think so.



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