Labor Unions and their Effects

   Labor Unions have to do with what the workers want.  That is all of what it is about.  If the workers wish to work four hours a day, but be paid full time, not work as hard as the company would work, etc.  the business has to agree or risk consequences.  Labor Unions have the big guy involved.  That’s right, my best friend, the government!

   Because the government is backing up the labor union, the business’s prices soar high.  They have to pay to meet the demands of their workers, causing the prices to be high.  Why?  Because the company has to pay for their taxes/tariffs, their workers (and their designated wants), and the government since they are involved.  Instead of trying to lower their prices to meet the needs of their customers – like in a free market!!!  Businesses that have labor unions usually die out or lose very many customers.

   Because of the lack of working on some parts of the workers, the company may need to hire more people who may also want to work part time, but be paid full time.  It is a cycle.  More people, who want less working time, but more money, means more people, who want less working……  You get it, I hope.  This is terrible.  The government just needs to get out of hair and leave us alone.  I have two parents.  I do not need another one when I move out, thanks.  Two is pretty good as it is.



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