Tax Supported Church vs. School

   Everyone should know where their hard earned money is going.  In this case, I am talking about the hard earned money that we work very hard for, only to give it to the government.  This money could be used for new roads, signs, etc.  However, it could be used for schools.  Even churches.  And the thing is, you have no control over this money.  You worked for it, but the government steals it and uses it for possibly something you would not wish it was used for.


   This is my definition for tax support:  yet another way for the government to steal money that was worked for that is supposedly used to fund an organization.  Once we say goodbye to our money going to the government, it is no longer our business to know things about it.  Like where it is going, what is going to be used for, etc.  But let’s see what our money does, in difference and in similarity to churches and schools.

   Tax supported public schools are there for our children, like me, right?  No not all.  There are homeschoolers, like me.  But however, at least, in the state of Florida, the parents of homeschoolers must not only pay for the homeschooling curriculum, but also pay the school as if the homeschoolers are going.  As if getting the tax money from around the country was not enough.

   Tax supported churches do not get extra money from parents with homeschoolers, but I would not put it past the government to charge the regular church attendees.  Bet you, the tithes are used to continue paying the government.  Might be the church’s forced thank you.  Government is all about power.  And money is power.  The government steals from its people.  Is this not what we tried to get away from back in 1776?  When the British country had tariffs and taxes on specific objects most enjoyed by the Americans?

   The similarities of public schools and churches that are supported by our money, are this: the government claims to own them.  The thieves steal our money, and instantly claim it is theirs.  They then use it to pay for schools and churches.  Some schools and churches have no idea and will suddenly be under the government’s fingers.  But we worked for the money, right?  Yes!  The government STEALS it and “pays” for the schools/churches.  But in reality, we paid for it.  These are our schools and churches.  Not the government’s.



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