Always Look Up, When Looking Back

   This is my retirement speech…I hope.  If everything goes as planned, this retirement speech will most likely be used.  It may be revised, a little different, longer, etc.  However, if everything goes planned, my retirement speech will be something like this:

   As we know, everyone has their own talents, their own strengths, callings, hopes, dreams, loved ones, and the list goes on.  Everyone is different.  This is a good different.  Everyone lives and sees their lives different from everyone else.

   We all, also, have our weaknesses, our difficulties, hard times, break ups, depressing times, and also those times where we feel we cannot do anything right.  But this is very important.  How you ask?

   If we are honest with ourselves, we know we remember the bad times more than the good times.  Because these bad times shape us.  They bring us closer together with those we love if we have the right mindset.  They build our character, shape us, change our lives, etc. and even those around us.  Like the good times we enjoy in our lives, there are bad times that we can also enjoy.  If we have the right people who are always there for us, we can conquer those bad times and turn them into good times.  

   You may have a job.  But you also have a life.  You may go into work everyday with a positive attitude, which is really good, but on the inside you could be dealing with a possible break up with someone.  But what can keep that positive attitude alive?  Not just when you are at work, but while you are dealing with that hurt, outside of work?  It is possible.

   My work life is something I looked forward to.  It was hard finding the right job and being accepted.  I went through ups and downs.  But through it all I looked up when looking back.  When I look back, I see the 16 (maybe 17?) year old self getting her first job.  While learning the job skills I needed, I went through tough times.  I would be going to college that year.  But I was shy.  (Hopefully won’t be, though, but if things keep going like this I will be most likely).  My social skills were terrible.  But I was a hard worker.  But I felt like if I did not talk to my co-workers and work with them to make our jobs easier together, I was letting the company down.

   To get through it, I looked up.  Looked up to God.  I prayed.  (I am currently praying) I prayed for change.  I went to work, positive.  How?  I knew I did not have to worry about my speech and shyness.  Everything would work out.  I had friends, family, etc.  They were there for me.  To help me.  To pray with me, and love me through my hard times with work and life.  (Hopefully) I am now no longer shy.  Have been.  But if I did not have my friends, family, and my Father I would not be the person I am today.  It is true.  When I look back at my past hardships, and good times, I see the person who would become who God wanted me to become because of those hard and good times.

   So here is my advice to you, when looking back, look up.  Look around at those people who helped you through.  See how they changed you.  How they prepared you to become the person who tries to excel at their job and who they helped to fulfill their calling.  Smile.  This is you.  And no one else can be you.  You are special and unique, but like all people, you go through tough dilemmas.  But you have people who love you, and a Heavenly Father, if you accept, who smiles every time He sees you being shaped into who He wishes you to be.  Do not give up on your life, your job, your relationships.  Be happy through the hurt, because there is help, your friends, in the dark tunnel, and they will be there with an open hand the whole time while you make it to the light at the end.


P.S. This was supposed to be 250 words.  Seemed too little for a draft retirement speech.


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