When You Supposedly Know When You Will Go

   That’s right.  I took two different life expectancy calculators.  It is interesting what both came up with.  But, it seems I will maybe not live as long as I thought, but I can be pretty content with what both sites told me.  

   As a little girl, I thought I would be one hundred years old.  I thought that would be the coolest.  But as I grew up, remembering how long it would take for me to be a year older, I kinda gave up on the one hundred idea.  Seemed too long.

   But now, at sixteen, years are flying by.  It feels like just yesterday, it was my sixteenth birthday.  That was in March.  And now in less than two weeks, it will be Christmas.  This Friday, Star Wars: Rogue One comes out!  Time now just flies by!  Won’t be too bad to try and be one hundred again, huh?

   According to the two sites below, I will be 86/87 when it’s my time to go.  Why?  How?  Well, the last site I took, you cannot choose any age lower than 18.  So I cannot really trust I’ll be 86.  But the first site says I will be 87.  Good, this gives me a good time to plan.  A good long time to plan many things.  

    However, I will not be taking this life expectancy to heart.  It could be sooner as 87 is only when I die of age supposedly.  I could get in an accident.  Therefore, it is not bad to start planning my life, right?  When about to go into college hopefully, it may be yours and my time to start planning our lives, our careers, our retirement, marriage, relationships, speeches, funeral, and figuring out our calling.  Get that out of way and enjoy life while you have it.  Stick to the plan though.

   If you want, let me know when your life is expected to end.  I know how weird this is.  But possibly together, we could help each other start planning. 😉





3 thoughts on “When You Supposedly Know When You Will Go

    1. Indeed, seems like a good age to go. 🙂 But you never know how long you’ll need to stay for either yourself or others who may need you and/or your wisdom. I just don’t wanna lose my head or live to that old age where my kids will be taking care of me when they should be caring for their children and spouse.

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