More of Mark Twain?

   Would I read more of Mark Twain’s literary works?  With their sense of humor, enjoyable descriptions, funny exaggerations, etc.  would I wish to continue reading some of his works?  I hope it is obvious, by now, of which my answer would be.

   It is, of course, yes.  As we know already, I love reading.  Reading is amazing.  One of favorite and probably my best pastime.  I also love comedy.  And reading it, gives me a chance to use my imagination and make it even more hilarious.  Thus, this is what I did with Twain’s stories I read this week.

   Having previously read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I knew a bit of Twain’s writing style.  However, being older and understanding a bit more of literary works, I found Mark Twain’s Sketches New and Old a bit more funny and enjoyable.  I was laughing after every page.

   My favorite sketch was of Twain himself.  At age thirteen, he was told he was in charge of a newspaper for a day.  He changed everything — adding humor.  It is an enjoyable story.  He continues on with such humor and makes all of his works enjoyable.

   However, being introduced to Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight! I found myself enjoying his, Twain’s, stories more.  It almost seems as if Twain’s works were to be read to an audience, instead of read by a reader.  However, I will take either way.  As long as I read/listen more of Mark Twain, I know I will be entertained.


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