Things Seen and Unseen: Income Tax

   Considering things that are seen and also things that are not seen to income taxing, we find that we are being held back.  Unless you agree completely with the government or, in other words, our other more less-caring parents, then this may be good for you.  However, it still could also have a downside: you do not know what your hard earned money that was earned by you is being spent on.

  First, let us discuss about the things seen and what we know happens.  You work hard.  You earn money at a rather specific rate each hour, whether that be minimum wage, a salary, or tips.  You see that you work and are given money.  However, you are not given all of the money that you rightfully earned for yourself, as you wished.  There is the income tax.  A part of of your money is stolen from you.  Yes, stolen.  You have no choice on keeping it or giving it.  It is stolen from you.  Your money.

  So far, we know where our money is going: part of it to the government, part of it to us.  That money that you have, you know what it will be spent on usually.  You own it and you can do with it what you want.  Give it to a homeless person, buy some gas, pay your bills, etc.  You see that.  But what you do not see is what that homeless person spends that money you gave him on.  Likewise, you do not see what the government does with your hard earned money you are forced to give them.

  Some believe that their income tax is spent well, as long as it is enriching and helping the nation grow, right?  What if it is not?  This is the thing unseen by our eyes.  Your money that you worked very hard for could be given to a family on welfare.  That family could be using that money to go to a theme park.  Not to provide for themselves.  Meanwhile, you keep working your hardest, trying to save up for maybe a day at the theme parks, and yet the person who is supposed to be using your money, the income tax, for food, and some other necessity is going to that very same theme park.  This is a thing not seen.

 Now, not everyone’s income tax goes to a family who is on welfare.  There are some families that do use your money to keep themselves alive.  But do we need to be forced to give money to the government to provide welfare to people like this?  No.  We can give the money ourselves.  It is our money, we worked for it, we should be able to decide where we want our money to go.  I think the government needs to stop with this parent tax.



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