Home vs. the Theater

   Here is a Would You Rather question: if given the choice between watching the movies of your choice, would you rather be alone in a theater or alone in your home?  Either way, it costs the same.  No matter which option you choose, you are alone.  Which one is it for you?  Would you choose option one or two?  I have a hard time knowing what I would choose.

   However, it would depend on the movie.  If I am going to sit down to watch a Star Wars movie, you bet it would be on that big movie theater screen.  Although, there are the safety and comfort at my home.  Also, that I am alone either way.  I prefer to watch movies or tv shows with my family and friends.  Hopefully, you can see why this is such a hard question to answer on my part.

  Let’s take it step by step.  If I go to the movies, I will be alone.  I will be paying the same amount of money as buying/renting the movie.  If I stay at home, I will be alone and will pay the same amount of money as if I were going to watch the movie at a theater.  But what about gasoline money to get to the movies?  Do I rent or buy the movie if I stay at home?  This is important.

   This can help narrow it down for me.  If I have to pay for gas money and the money to buy a ticket for the movie at the theater, then I will most likely stay at home.  However, if going to the movies and the ticket price equals the amount of renting/buying a movie at home, then I might choose the theater option.  On the other hand, if I can buy a movie from home online and that is the same price as going and watching at the theater, then I will most likely stay at home.  Here is what I am saying so far:

If the theater price, including gas money = price to rent a movie at home, then I will do the first.
If the price to buy (meaning being able to watch a movie again without paying again) a movie at home = the price to watch a movie at a theater once, then buying the movie it is.

   That is my answer.  However, I would love to do both.  Star Wars and possibly some other movies at the movies, other movies at home.  What about you?  And what is your reasoning(s) behind that answer?



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