Things Seen and Unseen: Income Tax

   Considering things that are seen and also things that are not seen to income taxing, we find that we are being held back.  Unless you agree completely with the government or, in other words, our other more less-caring parents, then this may be good for you.  However, it still could also have a downside: you do not know what your hard earned money that was earned by you is being spent on.

  First, let us discuss about the things seen and what we know happens.  You work hard.  You earn money at a rather specific rate each hour, whether that be minimum wage, a salary, or tips.  You see that you work and are given money.  However, you are not given all of the money that you rightfully earned for yourself, as you wished.  There is the income tax.  A part of of your money is stolen from you.  Yes, stolen.  You have no choice on keeping it or giving it.  It is stolen from you.  Your money.

  So far, we know where our money is going: part of it to the government, part of it to us.  That money that you have, you know what it will be spent on usually.  You own it and you can do with it what you want.  Give it to a homeless person, buy some gas, pay your bills, etc.  You see that.  But what you do not see is what that homeless person spends that money you gave him on.  Likewise, you do not see what the government does with your hard earned money you are forced to give them.

  Some believe that their income tax is spent well, as long as it is enriching and helping the nation grow, right?  What if it is not?  This is the thing unseen by our eyes.  Your money that you worked very hard for could be given to a family on welfare.  That family could be using that money to go to a theme park.  Not to provide for themselves.  Meanwhile, you keep working your hardest, trying to save up for maybe a day at the theme parks, and yet the person who is supposed to be using your money, the income tax, for food, and some other necessity is going to that very same theme park.  This is a thing not seen.

 Now, not everyone’s income tax goes to a family who is on welfare.  There are some families that do use your money to keep themselves alive.  But do we need to be forced to give money to the government to provide welfare to people like this?  No.  We can give the money ourselves.  It is our money, we worked for it, we should be able to decide where we want our money to go.  I think the government needs to stop with this parent tax.



Broken Window Fallacy


   Did you ever wonder what it meant?  With that knowledge finally revealed to you, is it right?  Does it work?  Does it enrichen the economy after it is put to use?  Well, that should be pretty obvious, as it is called a fallacy.

   However, it makes sense for a while until you really take it, break it down, and think about it.  The Broken Window Fallacy is all about what is unseen when we spend money.  It seems that when we go to war, suffer losses, (whether that be a loved one, a city destroyed in ruins, etc.) we find more people willing to spend their hard earned money to help their country thrive again.  This boosts the economy and allows us to rebuild those losses.

   The example for the Broken Window theory is like that of a war.  A person throws a brick through a window.  The owner of the broken window then has to pay for the repair unless he wants bugs and cold/hot weather coming into his house for the night or the next several days and nights.  He goes to the window repair store and pays for it.  He goes home with less money in his pocket and a new window.

   Some people then go on to say that this is a good thing.  Money was given to the window repairman, who would then go on to buy something.  The money would continue to go on through a cycle, passing from one person to another.  This boosts the economy, they said.  However, I took it a step further and remembered this wonderful thing that we all love and enjoy.  And, that, my friends, is the wonderful thing of taxes.

   Just think about it.  Through the continuous cycle of the money going from hand to hand, the government gets more money and the amount of money given sinks lower and lower.  Meanwhile, the government is getting the taxes.  Therefore, in the long run, the economy does not really boost.  The government does.  And who really knows what the government does with our tax money.


Always Look Up, When Looking Back

   This is my retirement speech…I hope.  If everything goes as planned, this retirement speech will most likely be used.  It may be revised, a little different, longer, etc.  However, if everything goes planned, my retirement speech will be something like this:

   As we know, everyone has their own talents, their own strengths, callings, hopes, dreams, loved ones, and the list goes on.  Everyone is different.  This is a good different.  Everyone lives and sees their lives different from everyone else.

   We all, also, have our weaknesses, our difficulties, hard times, break ups, depressing times, and also those times where we feel we cannot do anything right.  But this is very important.  How you ask?

   If we are honest with ourselves, we know we remember the bad times more than the good times.  Because these bad times shape us.  They bring us closer together with those we love if we have the right mindset.  They build our character, shape us, change our lives, etc. and even those around us.  Like the good times we enjoy in our lives, there are bad times that we can also enjoy.  If we have the right people who are always there for us, we can conquer those bad times and turn them into good times.  

   You may have a job.  But you also have a life.  You may go into work everyday with a positive attitude, which is really good, but on the inside you could be dealing with a possible break up with someone.  But what can keep that positive attitude alive?  Not just when you are at work, but while you are dealing with that hurt, outside of work?  It is possible.

   My work life is something I looked forward to.  It was hard finding the right job and being accepted.  I went through ups and downs.  But through it all I looked up when looking back.  When I look back, I see the 16 (maybe 17?) year old self getting her first job.  While learning the job skills I needed, I went through tough times.  I would be going to college that year.  But I was shy.  (Hopefully won’t be, though, but if things keep going like this I will be most likely).  My social skills were terrible.  But I was a hard worker.  But I felt like if I did not talk to my co-workers and work with them to make our jobs easier together, I was letting the company down.

   To get through it, I looked up.  Looked up to God.  I prayed.  (I am currently praying) I prayed for change.  I went to work, positive.  How?  I knew I did not have to worry about my speech and shyness.  Everything would work out.  I had friends, family, etc.  They were there for me.  To help me.  To pray with me, and love me through my hard times with work and life.  (Hopefully) I am now no longer shy.  Have been.  But if I did not have my friends, family, and my Father I would not be the person I am today.  It is true.  When I look back at my past hardships, and good times, I see the person who would become who God wanted me to become because of those hard and good times.

   So here is my advice to you, when looking back, look up.  Look around at those people who helped you through.  See how they changed you.  How they prepared you to become the person who tries to excel at their job and who they helped to fulfill their calling.  Smile.  This is you.  And no one else can be you.  You are special and unique, but like all people, you go through tough dilemmas.  But you have people who love you, and a Heavenly Father, if you accept, who smiles every time He sees you being shaped into who He wishes you to be.  Do not give up on your life, your job, your relationships.  Be happy through the hurt, because there is help, your friends, in the dark tunnel, and they will be there with an open hand the whole time while you make it to the light at the end.


P.S. This was supposed to be 250 words.  Seemed too little for a draft retirement speech.

When You Supposedly Know When You Will Go

   That’s right.  I took two different life expectancy calculators.  It is interesting what both came up with.  But, it seems I will maybe not live as long as I thought, but I can be pretty content with what both sites told me.  

   As a little girl, I thought I would be one hundred years old.  I thought that would be the coolest.  But as I grew up, remembering how long it would take for me to be a year older, I kinda gave up on the one hundred idea.  Seemed too long.

   But now, at sixteen, years are flying by.  It feels like just yesterday, it was my sixteenth birthday.  That was in March.  And now in less than two weeks, it will be Christmas.  This Friday, Star Wars: Rogue One comes out!  Time now just flies by!  Won’t be too bad to try and be one hundred again, huh?

   According to the two sites below, I will be 86/87 when it’s my time to go.  Why?  How?  Well, the last site I took, you cannot choose any age lower than 18.  So I cannot really trust I’ll be 86.  But the first site says I will be 87.  Good, this gives me a good time to plan.  A good long time to plan many things.  

    However, I will not be taking this life expectancy to heart.  It could be sooner as 87 is only when I die of age supposedly.  I could get in an accident.  Therefore, it is not bad to start planning my life, right?  When about to go into college hopefully, it may be yours and my time to start planning our lives, our careers, our retirement, marriage, relationships, speeches, funeral, and figuring out our calling.  Get that out of way and enjoy life while you have it.  Stick to the plan though.

   If you want, let me know when your life is expected to end.  I know how weird this is.  But possibly together, we could help each other start planning. 😉


Labor Unions and their Effects

   Labor Unions have to do with what the workers want.  That is all of what it is about.  If the workers wish to work four hours a day, but be paid full time, not work as hard as the company would work, etc.  the business has to agree or risk consequences.  Labor Unions have the big guy involved.  That’s right, my best friend, the government!

   Because the government is backing up the labor union, the business’s prices soar high.  They have to pay to meet the demands of their workers, causing the prices to be high.  Why?  Because the company has to pay for their taxes/tariffs, their workers (and their designated wants), and the government since they are involved.  Instead of trying to lower their prices to meet the needs of their customers – like in a free market!!!  Businesses that have labor unions usually die out or lose very many customers.

   Because of the lack of working on some parts of the workers, the company may need to hire more people who may also want to work part time, but be paid full time.  It is a cycle.  More people, who want less working time, but more money, means more people, who want less working……  You get it, I hope.  This is terrible.  The government just needs to get out of hair and leave us alone.  I have two parents.  I do not need another one when I move out, thanks.  Two is pretty good as it is.


Tax Supported Church vs. School

   Everyone should know where their hard earned money is going.  In this case, I am talking about the hard earned money that we work very hard for, only to give it to the government.  This money could be used for new roads, signs, etc.  However, it could be used for schools.  Even churches.  And the thing is, you have no control over this money.  You worked for it, but the government steals it and uses it for possibly something you would not wish it was used for. Continue reading “Tax Supported Church vs. School”

Tariffs – Another Way of Taxing

  images.jpg Tariffs are just another way of taxing the American people.  It is used to place a tax on good imported from another country.  But here, in the good ol’ United States, county to county there is a tariff.  Shipping, sales tax, etc. are all tariffs.  However, how do tariffs,
other than stealing our money, affect different areas in the market?  Specifically, what effect does it have on imports and exports?  Is it for the better or worse?  What do we do?
Continue reading “Tariffs – Another Way of Taxing”